CHEMISELL is dedicated to working closely to serve the needs of our customers and suppliers.


Sales Representation

With strategically located sales colleagues, Chemisell can offer personalised sales representation from North of Cairns, South of the most southern part of Australia (Wilson Promontory) and around past Melbourne. We also cover the majority of Victoria, New South Wales and a good part of Queensland.


Warehousing & Distribution

Chemisell has distribution warehouses in Sydney, Gold Coast and Cairns.

Our Sydney warehouse is equipped with a RF (Radio Frequency) warehousing system with plans to roll out to our other warehouses. The RF warehousing system ensures that our fulfillment rate is as close to 100% as possible. All orders are double checked before despatch.

Chemisell is a national distributor with customers in every state of Australia.

With NO minimum orders, Chemisell serves a customer base from Multi-National to stores that have a local population of 28 people.